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Technology for New Parents & Families


Life for new parents and families is busy, to say the least. But the right tools can help your family stay safe and communicate with ease. Gadget Guy MN can help you navigate a crowded tech landscape to find the right solution for your family.

Paul, aka Gadget Guy MN, isn’t just a tech guru. He’s a father. And he has first-hand experience swimming through a market flooded with all sorts of monitors, family apps and safety tools.

But at the end of the day, Paul will be the first one to tell you that only one thing matters – making sure families have the perfect solution to meet their unique needs.

From baby monitors and smartphone integration to baby care tracking apps and communication tools, Gadget Guy MN (or ‘Paul Daddy’ as his 2 year old calls him) can help. Gadget Guy MN can do the legwork for you. He’ll assemble the perfect tech solution so you’ll have more time for the most important job of all – caring for and loving your family.



As a new parent, I was overwhelmed by the selection of baby monitors. I knew the decision was important, but it seemed like I could spend days comparing options. Paul simplified the process. He understood our needs, and developed the perfect solution.

– DMA, mother of two



Baby Monitor and Smartphone Integration

baby monitor smartphone integration

Want to easily and quickly check on your sleeping child from your smartphone… wherever you are? Gadget Guy MN can help you create a custom in-home baby monitoring system viewable from your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.

Not only will you be able to view your child from your mobile device, but you’ll also have remote-control access over the camera from the app. So you can zoom in, pan and tilt the camera. The system is also flexible enough to add additional cameras for each child’s room.

The monitor and smartphone integration is perfect for everyday use. It’s also a big favorite among parents who travel – even when you’re away on a business trip, you can open your monitor app and check on your slumbering kiddo.



baby care app

Apps for Baby Care and Caregivers

As a techie and father, Paul (or Gadget Guy MN) has extensive first-hand experience using baby care apps to help keep family members and caregivers all on the same page. He can help your family establish the perfect app ecosystem to assure essentials like feeding times, diapering and daily care notes are all easily accessible on a real-time basis.




Sharing the Precious Moments:
Syncing Family Photos, Video, Email, Music and more.

When it comes to capturing and sharing those precious moments, you’ll find that some photos are on your phone, and others are on your spouse’s device. A few may get uploaded to Facebook, but most photos and videos end up staying on your phone.

Gadget Guy MN can set you up with the right shared, family accounts so you can easily sync your media and share it – without having to worry about whose phone the memories were captured on.

And what about those favorite songs and playlists? Gadget Guy MN can set up a music ecosystem for your family right on your device, so you’ll be able to maintain your own favorite playlists as well as children’s favorites.



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