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Home Network & Smart Home Solutions


Whether you’re interested in exploring smart home solutions, or need in-home tech support to troubleshoot WiFi issues, Gadget Guy MN can help.

When your home internet connection is spotty or your devices just won’t connect, Gadget Guy will help get you back up and running again.

Here are just some of the home wireless network support services at your ready:

  • Testing of existing wireless network
  • Verifying/adjusting internal router settings
  • Testing and troubleshooting router placement
  • Recommendations for new equipment, which could include router and/or extender or mesh network
  • Installation and setup of new equipment

Gadget Guy MN can also work with you to set up smart home functions like thermostat control and lighting – all via your mobile device. And, if you’re looking for anything from connecting a voice over Internet phone system or enabling a hardwired connection in a room not previously hardwired, Gadget Guy MN can help.



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