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Having the right baby monitoring system in place is critical for you and your family. Particularly during those delicate early years, the perfect baby monitor can literally help you sleep better at night – knowing you’ll be aware of your baby’s coo’s, whimpers and restful sleep cycles.


baby monitor smartphone integrationWe specialize in “smart” networked baby monitoring systems that are seamlessly integrated into your smartphone and other mobile devices. Not only will we help you find the right wifi monitoring system, but we’ll also help you set it up.

Already have a “smart” monitor in mind that you love, but you just need help with set up? No problem. We can help there too.

We can find and set up solution that can help you…

  • Seamlessly connect your baby monitor to your iPad, tablet or smartphone – a device that is already incredibly portable and within your arm’s reach at all times.
  • Build a system that can adapt as your family needs grow or change. For instance, you could easily add additional cameras for siblings or playrooms.
  • View your sleeping baby anytime, anywhere – when you’re out on date night and the babysitter is tucking your kiddo in bed, or when you’re away from your baby on business travel… you can still peek in and see your baby.

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