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Custom Smart Home Solutions


These days, integrating the technology in your home into one smart, seamless system is not only feasible, but can largely be accessed and controlled via your smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Gadget Guy MN can provide you with solutions for anything ranging from home entertainment setup and speaker configurations to cable cutting and remote control setup + smart phone integration.

But smart home solutions expand beyond entertainment.

Gadget Guy MN can also help you seamlessly control a wide range of home functions like thermostat control and lighting – all via your mobile device.

And, if you’re looking for anything from connecting a voice over Internet phone system or enabling a hardwired connection in a room not previously hardwired, running multiple wireless devices, or even expanding your music and video options, Gadget Guy MN can help.

And for pet owners, Gadget Guy MN can provide you with an interactive remote pet monitoring system that you can access at anytime from your mobile device or computer.



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