About - Gadget Guy MN



Paul Burnstein – the visionary behind Gadget Guy MN – has a passion for technology and how it can be used to enable a more productive life. He enjoys helping others learn about technologies to create efficiency in their everyday lives.

From an early age, starting with the family Texas Instrument computer and quickly moving on to an Apple II, Paul was the family technology guru. Before even entering the working world, his fondness for technology evolved from computers to stereos and TVs, to cell phones and computer networking, and the list goes on.

After setting up a home video network to peek in on his kids, Paul recognized that friends were regularly seeking out his help to setup and customize their own technology needs. Ergo, Gadget Guy MN was born in 2014.

Paul’s skills have continued to grow, and he thrives on the opportunity to learn new approaches, tips, and tricks. From updating an operating system to streamlining a file management system; from cutting the cord on cable to programming a universal remote; from setting up a social media account to configuring a wireless printer; Paul can help and has fun doing it.

Paul received his undergraduate degree in business administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. He earned a master’s degree in gerontology and long-term care management from Naropa University in Boulder, CO.

Paul lives in Minneapolis with his amazing wife and their two beautiful girls.