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A New Launch for the Gadget Guy MN Blog

Welcome to the Gadget Guy MN Blog! This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you my thoughts on how technology can help create more efficiency and consistency in our lives – and through that have more time to do the things we like, such as spending time with family and friends or doing hobbies.

I like to share that “technology makes our lives easier… until it doesn’t.” When technology stops working it can be very frustrating. I can’t say that I never have to deal with that frustration, but some of my tips and tricks can help minimize the dark side of technology.

I have cut the cord on cable and set up wireless sound systems in my home. Rather than replacing a proprietary video system for watching babies, I installed a more versatile, nonproprietary multi-camera system that is now viewable at home as well as when out and traveling.

Join me with this blog as I share some of my tips and tricks as well as articles, products and opinions from others that I feel are worth your time to view.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Paul Burnstein, aka Gadget Guy MN

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